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Common Mistakes Salon Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

Although an ideal marketing tool for your salon, these errors are common, popular, and can do self-inflicted damage to your excellent brand.

1. Your comments and public statements do not engage your clients.

Boring statements that stress, your salon is “the best,” will not create or engage your client base.

Avoiding these mistakes: Ask your audience for their questions and thoughts about their experiences with your salon, when they visit.

2. You lack passion and excitement about your salon.

If you’re not excited about your salon, why do you expect your customers to get passionate about it?

Avoiding these mistakes: Strive to communicate your excitement and passion about your salon with every posting you make.

3. Your social media site is always stuffed with promotion.

Your clients will come to resent your constant marketing and promotion every time they visit your social media page.

Avoiding these mistakes: Focus on developing relationships and client trust in your talent and quality service. Keep your “selling messages” as soft and sporadic as possible.

4. “Forgetting” to respond to client questions and/or concerns.

Sometimes salon owners are so focused on promoting themselves, they ignore their clients’ questions and comments.

Avoiding these mistakes: Offer answers to questions and/or resolve complaints, as soon as possible after they appear on your social media site.

5. Having no logical social media marketing strategy.