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Quality VS Price: Buying Furniture for Your Hair Salon

Quality Hair Salon furniture

I took a trip to a major salon furniture supplier. This one has different grades of quality. The promotional line is made cheap and will last a few months. It is nothing to brag about but will get the job done for those on a tight budget. The problem is it is a short term fix for your furniture needs. The seat material will get flat within a few months. The chair will begin to squeak and sometime the hydraulic lift will start to fall as you work on clients. While the chair can still be used it hinders your ability to work and makes the salon appear 

Clients stand up after an hour in the chair with a leg asleep or their back hurting. Few will say anything but they will be looking for a new salon. This cheaper chair needs to be replaced so the cost is now 2-3 time your original investment, assuming you try to upgrade to a better quality. In the long run buying higher quality the first time would have saves money, saves the loss of clients, improves the look of the salon (and what you can charge) as well as made your day to day job easier. 


  1.  Look at purchase as long term investment
  2. Save up for quality
  3. Use the chair to give upscale look to salon or even just a room
  4. If short of cash save half and use Square (The credit card processor) to loan the balance with easy pay back terms based on sales
  5. Keep a "upgrade" fund going to replace work or dated pieces. Could be paint, reception desk, speakers etc.
It is known that American made chairs are usually good quality but might lack style. This is an option when on a budget. If you can look at some of the imported lines. Italian made salon chairs are usually a mix of quality and style as well as German made chairs.

Hair Salon Chair Model 55